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Winter Acupuncture Helps

Boost Stagnant Energy with Acupuncture

One of the biggest challenges during winter is lack of energy. Doctors say it’s common for people to complain of exhaustion and tiredness during the colder months. The ancient Chinese believed natural changes in the environment had to be harmonized with how people live. Acupuncture can help by increasing harmony/energy.

An experienced therapist or acupuncturist will ask about any current physical issues or problems you’re having. They can adjust where they place needles, locating the areas that will help you the most. This can elevate your energy and vitality, and help you avoid seasonal colds and flu.

Positive Side Effects

Acupuncture can reduce pain and stress while improving mood, sleep, energy, and your digestive system. The approach is designed to address all physical ailments, and treat the body as a whole, rather than pinpointing a single ailment.

In acupuncture therapy, the point on the spine called “Du 14” is seen as a most beneficial area during winter months. It is located on the seventh vertebrae, approximately where a shirt collar rests on the back of your neck. Treatment to this area helps circulate blood and “Qi.” Your body will be better equipped to fight winter illness and skin and muscles will be stronger during cold weather.

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