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Your Trusted Physiotherapy Services in Willowdale

Oriole Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre is one of Willowdale’s leading physiotherapy and rehabilitative care service providers. Our experienced physiotherapists are dedicated to providing our patients with comprehensive care. We take pride in the high-quality treatment we offer. 

Physiotherapy is designed to restore the mobility of the body and to normalize bodily functions while recovering from an illness, disability, or injury. Our holistic approach means that we take into consideration the condition of the entire body instead of just focusing on a particular injury.

We make sure to evaluate the condition and situation of each individual so that we can address the specific issues while also offering valuable insight into daily activities that can help reduce the discomfort and pain you are experiencing.

Our Physiotherapy Services in Willowdale

Our Willowdale physiotherapy clinic provides a variety of physiotherapy approaches including:

  • Manual Therapy – Manual therapy is a hands-on treatment that helps with the remobilization of the tissues and joints in the body. This approach can help improve blood circulation, enhance mobility, and relieve pain in the affected parts of the body. It can effectively treat various musculoskeletal conditions as well as psychological conditions like anxiety and depression.
  • Exercise Therapy – Evidence shows that being physically active can effectively help prevent and manage over 20 different illnesses. Corrective exercises aim to build the strength and function of the affected body parts. These exercises are typically performed on a regular basis, depending on your condition. 
  • Acupuncture Therapy – Acupuncture therapy is an age-old technique used to minimize inflammation in the soft tissues of the body, manage pain, and promote healing. It involves the use of extremely fine needles that are inserted into specific pressure points on the body. 


Why Choose Oriole Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre?

The caring physiotherapists at Oriole Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre are not only there to treat specific issues, but we also make it a point to work with you to improve your quality of life. 

We provide:

  • Excellent Service – We offer a comprehensive range of services to treat and manage a wide variety of illnesses and injuries.
  • Personalized Treatment – Our holistic physiotherapy services take into consideration your specific condition. We design treatment plans that fit your individual needs.
  • Professional Therapists – We have a team of certified and registered therapists who will work with you throughout your journey toward recovery and improved health.

Begin your journey toward wellness, reach out to Oriole Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre today. Book an appointment by calling 416-221-0772.