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Shed Stress with Massage Therapy this Holiday

Shed Stress with Massage Therapy this Holiday

Do the holidays have you feeling stressed out? Do you have a touch of the holiday blues? Are you suffering from holiday fatigue? You’re not alone. People all over the world report feeling extra-stressed during the holiday season. Give yourself a much-needed break with a massage from a registered massage therapist (RMT) during this crucial time. Your health insurance may also cover some of the cost! Here are five ways that massage can help during the holidays:

1. Massage therapy means time alone. Battling crowds at the markets, shopping with kids home for winter break, and the bustle of the holiday can be draining. It’s important to take an hour or so for yourself. When you’re away enjoying some quiet, and relaxing with the therapeutic benefits of massage, you can reboot and re-energize.

2. Getting a massage releases stress from the body. The pressure points in your body can be found quickly by an RMT. The right amount of pressure on those spots, particularly in your neck, shoulders, and back areas, will leave your body de-stressed.

3. Massage therapy works for pain relief. Are you finding yourself with more headaches than usual during the holidays? There are specialized headache massage therapy services available in North York. These services address headache pain, soreness from repetitive stress, pinched nerves, back and neck pain, and more.

4. Massage is a holistic approach to good health. Massage therapist practitioners are trained to provide a whole body-mind approach to your health needs. Holistic healing provides relief. Deep tissue massages, combined with deep breathing exercises, reduce your body’s aches, pains, and stresses.

5. Massage is a way of promoting your mental health. Massage therapy, while relieving the stress in your body, also relieves emotional tension. Treat yourself to a holiday gift: Care for mind and spirit with a massage.

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