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Coming Back Strong: Recovering from Sports Injury

Coming Back Strong: Recovering from Sports Injury

Participating in sports is a great way to boost our overall health and self-esteem. However, athletes frequently suffer injury when training for major sports events. Some injured athletes are known to train hard and push through pain to reach their goals. Despite giving their best efforts, their bodies can’t keep up, resulting in frustration and anger.

When an athlete suffers from a sports-related injury, s/he is affected physically and psychologically. Anxiety, depression, eating disorders, or drug and/or alcohol abuse can result. While it is normal to go through a certain grieving process, take heart. You can get help and recover. Here are some steps to overcome a sports-related injury:

1. Acceptance – Many injured athletes go through denial, desperation, and depression because their injury hinders them from training and participating in major sports competitions. Often when an athlete acknowledges and accepts the situation, s/he can begin to focus and begin the type of recovery process needed.

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2. Starting Physical Therapy – Undergoing a physical therapy can gradually yet efficiently improve your flexibility, boost strength, and widen range of motion. Eventually, you might be stronger and more limber than you were previously.

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3. Acupuncture – Acupuncture can be an integral part of the recovery process. Choose a rehabilitation centre that has highly trained and licensed staff who can form a specialized plan to reduce pain and maximize your return to the court/field/ice/stage.

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4. Massage – Some amazing benefits of massage include enhanced blood circulation, reduction of muscle spasms, and lowered lactic acid buildup in the injured area.

Getting injured does not necessarily mean the end of your sports career. Our highly trained and licensed therapists are committed to help patients regain the quality of their lives and, ideally, come back stronger after an injury. Come and visit Oriole Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre or call us at (416) 221-0772 for more details.