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Sit Up Straight: Health Risks from Poor Posture

Sit Up Straight: Health Risks from Poor Posture

Sitting and standing with good posture is getting harder and harder to do, with so much work confined to lengthy hours at a desk. We spend so much time on computers and using our smartphones that bending and leaning forward are quickly becoming second nature for many of us. It’s more important than ever to practice proper body alignment to escape the following three health risks:

Sit Up Straight: Health Risks from Poor Posture

Health Risks

1. Bad posture can lead to digestive stress, especially if you’re sitting for long periods of time. Human bodies simply aren’t built to sit over a computer or paperwork for extended periods. The leaning, slouching position held for hours at a time constricts the intestines and restricts blood flow throughout the body, which can lead to problems like:

Acid reflux
● Irritable bowel syndrome
● Carbohydrate intolerances

2. Poor sitting and standing positions can also put stress on the many joints in a body, causing aches and pains that you may already experience. After a time, it can even begin to cause tissue degradation, and additional pain. Habitual bad posture can be attributed to chronic pain in the joints and muscles:

● Neck
● Shoulder
● Upper, middle, and lower back
● Posterior regions

3. Another possible health risk related to posture concerns the mind. Slouching can have a negative effect on the body and brain, causing fatigue. It can even impact mental processing, making you feel slower and limiting your brainpower. Posture plays a large part in the active brain; without it, a sufferer from poor posture may be subject to hormonal imbalances and other potentially damaging physical issues, as posture affects many of the major systems in the body.

Sit Up Straight: Health Risks from Poor Posture

There are potential risks related to poor posture, many of which can have serious and debilitating effects on your quality of life. The time is now to improve the way you support your body and change the way it functions. Are you worried about chronic pain, or in need of some physical therapy or rehabilitation? Oriole Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center can help. Give us a call today at (416) 221-0772.