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How Chronic Back Pain Can Worsen

How Chronic Back Pain Can Worsen

Many of us are no stranger to back pain. However, identifying the source of problem may be difficult. Backache often occurs because there is something wrong with the way spinal joints, muscles, discs, and nerves are working and moving in concert. Although this common condition is may remedy itself without therapeutic or medical treatment, some pain may indicate a serious health issue requiring immediate attention. By delaying treatment with a therapist or medical practitioner, back pain can worsen and become chronic.

Factors that Worsen Back Pain

If you are battling from back pain that disrupts your life, be aware the following factors can negatively affect the condition:

How Chronic Back Pain Can Worsen

1. Weight – Back pain can be more common among overweight people. Extra weight around the body’s mid-section pulls the pelvis forward and puts stress or pressure on the lower part of the back. Overweight or obese people are more at risk of sciatica, herniated disc, or a pinched nerve. Reducing existing back pain can be achieved through a healthful diet and regular, back-friendly exercises.

2. Sedentary Lifestyle – Lack of exercise can weaken and increase the stiffness of the back muscles. Engaging in back and muscle exercise and other physical activities helps nourish the spinal discs, ligaments, and soft muscles to improve spinal support.

3. Poor Sitting Position – People who spend most of their hours sitting in the office are more at risk of developing chronic back problems in the future. Poor sitting postures, such as slouching or sitting forward, could stretch the ligaments and strain the discs of the spinal column.

4. Ignoring the Pain – Often, pain serves as a sign that something is wrong in your body. Although back pain may get better in a couple of days or weeks, it is still important to see a medical practitioner and have your back examined. Ignoring the pain for too long can worsen the condition. With the right diagnosis, a treatment plan including massage therapy, nonsurgical spinal decompression therapy, and proper back strengthening exercises can make a huge difference in your health and future lifestyle.

5. Old Mattresses – Sleeping on old, worn out mattress can trigger back pain. A mattress usually provides ample support for 9-10 years, but experts recommended replacing it after 5-7 years of use, especially if you begin experiencing back pain and other physical aches.

How Chronic Back Pain Can Worsen

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