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A Real Pain: Gradual Causes Of Sciatica

A Real Pain: Gradual Causes Of Sciatica

Contrary to what many people believe, sciatica is not necessarily a condition caused by age and body composition. Younger and fit people also experience this pain. Some people are predisposed to the sometimes debilitating condition of sciatica, but the majority of cases are caused by lack of movement.

A Real Pain: Gradual Causes Of Sciatica

Sciatica symptoms include lower back, leg, and buttock pain. The symptoms of sciatica feel like extremely uncomfortable electrical charges in deep tissues. Sciatica is caused by nerves being compressed by bony structures, muscles, nerve pathways, and scar tissue. This causes nerve signals to be interrupted, or the nerves themselves to gradually slip from their proper alignments. Problem sciatica makes it painful to sit, enjoy athletic activities, travel, or to move in any way involving the legs.

It takes a specialist to determine the root causes of a person’s sciatica symptoms. Once the problem is found however, pain can be managed and corrected. Many everyday habits and movements can cause sciatica over time:

Previous Injury

A Real Pain: Gradual Causes Of Sciatica

A car accident or “slip-and-fall” can cause severe trauma to the spinal column and pelvis. Though a person completely heals from the accident, scar tissue can begin to form. Even decades later, shooting pains can begin because the scar tissue has grown.

Outdoor Lifestyle

A Real Pain: Gradual Causes Of Sciatica

People love the outdoors and enjoy activities like gardening or chopping wood. Picking weeds with straight legs or moving heavy and awkward items can pinch nerves. Though these activities provide happiness, they can cause serious sciatica symptoms.

Office Work

Sitting for hours each day over a course of years will disrupt the way nerves are supposed to work. This is especially true if a favourite chair is short and puts pressure on the back of the legs. Never sit for more than an hour at a time.

Fashion Trends

Look around and notice that clothes, in general, are getting tighter. Very tight pants and thin belts can pinch nerves in the lower back, waist, and backside. For some, it might be beneficial to “size up” or wear looser clothing.

Relief of sciatica pain is available. Simple exercises, stretches, and lifestyle adjustments can alleviate even the worst symptoms.

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