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Facts to Know About Exercise Therapists

If you are suffering from various health ailments or have suffered an injury, an exercise therapist can help you to seek relief with a broad variety of different exercise methods.

How Do Exercise Therapists Help?

There are a broad variety of different conditions and ailments that can be helped by a therapist who teaches a good exercise program. Here are just a few things that a therapist can help:

● Cardiac issues
● Asthma
● Stroke
● Arthritis
● Diabetes
● Cancer wellness
● Hypertension
Muscular dystrophy
● Post-menopause symptoms

All these issues are potentially life-threatening. Expensive (and sometimes dangerous) medications may or may not work. In some cases, medications can actually worsen the problem or cause serious side effects or death. Exercising does not have any of these risks and the only potential side effect is that you will feel much better after you begin exercising.

An exercise therapist can also help with:

● Industrial fitness
● Workers compensation
● Stress and anxiety management
● Avoiding additional/future injury
● Drug interactions
● Sports medicine
● Overall health

Most people are referred to a exercise therapist after an injury, but experts can help with just about any kind of ailment you might have. Studies have shown that people who have a good exercise routine are healthier and have fewer health issues. For example, someone with high blood pressure can see massive benefits by doing daily light exercise.

Exercise therapy isn’t only for injured people or those in chronic pain. Many people can reap the benefits of a great exercise program and reduce the risk of disease like diabetes and high blood pressure. Some studies show regular weekly exercise can reduce your risk for certain cancers and heart problems. Meeting with an exercise therapist is a great way to ensure that you are healthy and increase your longevity.

If you are curious on how exercise therapy may help you, check out Oriole Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre. We have several therapists that can help. Call us today at (416) 221-0772.