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How to Deal with a Chronic Daily Headache

How to Deal with a Chronic Daily Headache

Most people experience headaches on occasion. But what if you find yourself suffering from headaches for hours — or days?

Chronic headaches are a defined as head pain that lasts for more than four hours and persists for a period of more than 15 days a month. In some cases, people experience chronic daily headaches or migraines for periods longer than six months. Since this type of headache can be disabling, it is important to understand its main causes.

Common Causes

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● Stress – Work stresses and family pressures can increase a person’s risk for chronic daily headache.
●Gender – Studies show there may be a link between chronic headaches and estrogen. This condition can be common among middle-aged women due to hormone fluctuation.
● Obesity – Obese people may have an increased risk of daily headaches. One study indicates obesity increases head pain, largely due to insomnia and poor food choices.

Dealing with Chronic Daily Headache

The type of treatment for chronic daily headache varies, depending on the kind of headache. Here is a short list of quick and effective feel-better strategies that might offer relief before chronic daily headache starts affecting your quality of life:

How to Deal with a Chronic Daily Headache

● Reduce Stress – Stress is one of the most common causes of headaches. If you have a busy daily routine, take a breather. Rest. Try meditation, yoga, tai chi, and other stress-reducing activities.
● Drink Plenty of Water – Enjoying a few glasses of water a day will prevent dehydration, a factor that triggers headaches.
● Eat Healthy – A healthful diet will help keep the body healthy and prevent chronic daily headaches. It also helps you manage body weight.
● Regular Exercise – Aside from improving your physical and mental well-being, engaging in regular exercise can reduce stress. Simple activities such as walking, running, and swimming have great benefits and reduce headache tension.
● Get a Good Massage – Massage can be an effective remedy for migraines and chronic headaches. Massage therapy improves blood circulation, promotes muscle relaxation, and relieves tension.

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Of course, see your family doctor if you’re having chronic pain of any kind. A physician can recommend various therapies such as massage and acupuncture to reduce pain and address your individual needs. Call Oriole Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre to develop your specific plan: (416) 221-0772, or or send us an email at [email protected] for more information.