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Custom Orthotic to Save Your Feet

Orthopedic shoes are specially designed shoes that provide support and pain relief to individuals. These are designed for function rather than style. Most people consider orthopedic shoes and custom orthotic for grandparents and older people. However, these devices provide various benefits to the wearer.

If you’re frequently suffering from heel pain or other feet discomfort, having custom orthotic may save you.

Customized and Matched

A custom orthotic is a device that is inserted into the shoes to accommodate and support poor foot mechanics or foot deformities.

The custom orthotic is specifically made for you to match the contours of your feet. These also fit the way you move to provide needed support with every step. Although the insoles that you buy from the drugstore offer cushioning, these do not address other issues. Only customized orthotics will suit specific foot structures.

After a consultation with a professional, shoe inserts might be recommended first. When a custom orthotic will be needed, three-dimensional image of the feet and its measurements need to be taken. These are used to create custom foot supports that can help in movement and gaining comfort.

The weight and the activity levels of the patient will be taken into account to match the orthotic. Even the materials used for the orthotic can be selected to fit the patient’s usual forms of shoes, such as dress shoes or heels.

Benefits of Orthotics

A custom orthotic can treat various foot problems such as bursitis, diabetic foot ulcers, tendonitis, flat foot, and plantar fasciitis. Wearing a custom orthotic is also beneficial to individuals suffering from knee, foot, heel, and ankle pains. This is also suggested to those who have had running injuries.

Receiving custom orthotic improves posture and balance of the wearer. This makes shoes feel comfortable when walking. A personalized orthotic is made to treat specific feet problems. These ensure immediate relief and adaptation to the foot contours.