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Why Orthotic Insoles May Be Prescribed

Orthotic insoles are sometimes confused with the various types of shoe inserts that can be purchased over the counter or online. While these over the counter shoe inserts are sometimes sufficient to decrease pain or improve comfort, there is often a more serious and chronic condition that requires assessment and treatment by a podiatrist.

Feet are as unique as the individuals they support, and foot pain can signify a wide range of issues that will not be alleviated with basic shoe inserts. Orthotic insoles are customized to support and treat your feet and your feet only and require a complete medical evaluation. They are designed to form to the shape of your feet and support the way you move. As a result of this high degree of customization, orthotic insoles can effectively treat a number of specific conditions and greatly improve your quality of life by reducing pain, improving function and preventing infections as well as other longer term symptoms.

Planter fasciitis

A foot condition resulting in pain in the heel and bottom of the foot. Accounts for 80% of heel pain cases.


Inflammation of the bursae of the feet. A range of symptoms include joint pain, joint stiffness, and stinging pain.


Inflammation of the tendons. Most common in elbows or shoulder, although Achilles tendonitis results in pain, swelling, or burning around the ankle. Typically an injury resulting from sports activities.

Diabetic foot ulcers

Foot sores resulting from diabetes that are at risk for developing infection and requiring amputation in more extreme cases.

Painful calluses

Calluses are toughened areas of skin that occur most often on the feet, and can become painful or develop into ulcers and infections.

Shin splints

An injury resulting from repeated trauma to the shins, most common in sports involving running or jumping.

Decrease pain in foot, ankle or heel

Often foot pain is not a symptom of a condition or disease, but results from abnormal motion, obesity, or some other unidentified factor that orthotics can still address.

Depending on your ailments, level of pain, degree of function, and personal preference, orthotic insoles may be only one part of a broader treatment plan or they may be the only intervention you need. If you are experiencing any kind of foot pain or discomfort, an evaluation will help you determine the type of treatment that will get you back to being pain free. Call Oriole Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre today for a free consultation at (416) 221-0772. We accept most insurance policies and encourage you to speak with your insurance company to see if orthotic devices are covered.