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Saving Face: What’s Really Causing Your Facial Pain?

Having pain is no fun, and is something we all try to get rid of as soon as possible. But when that discomfort is concentrated in your face, it can be difficult to figure out what’s actually causing it. Here are 3 common causes for your facial discomfort.

1. It’s all in the tooth!

Teeth grinding is a big culprit of dental pain and general jaw discomfort, and can lead to serious dental issues. Fortunately, however, these issues can easily be relieved. A couple of solutions are mouth guards and certain exercises to help relieve stress.

A less simple problem is an abscessed tooth. An abscessed tooth is a nerve infection that often stems from untreated cavities. If left untreated the infection can spread. These problems could necessitate treatment with antibiotics or even oral surgery if they get out of hand, so remember to floss

2. Straight to the Face

Perhaps the most obvious cause of facial pain is physical trauma. Crashes, accidents, or a stray baseball to the face all cause substantial damage to the jaw, nose and facial area. While we know that cuts and bruises are bad, subcutaneous damage is something people might shrug off. Pinched nerves can cause sharp pain seemingly randomly, while displaced bones can cause a slow burn that some may think is their body being weird. As these problems can cause worse problems later on, it’s probably best to get yourself checked out if seemingly random pain persists.

3. Disorderly Conduct

Of course, sometimes pain comes from unknown sources. Both trauma and dental problems can lead to problems like Temporomandibular Joint Disorder – a disorder that can cause pain and the inability to control the Temporomandibular joint: which could force your mouth open or closed. Additionally, bone diseases like Osteomyelitis can move to the jaw and cause inflammation and pain. In situations like this, surgical action is usually required.

Fortunately, most of these sources of oral and facial pain are either preventable or treatable. Some of them can be prevented on one’s own, while some of them may need a little extra help. At Oriole Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre we offer special services ranging from massage therapy to spinal decompression. Both of these treatments can assist with standard and unorthodox pain. So, the next time your face feels like it’s the next victim in a Game of Thrones episode, just remember that there is a reason for the pain that you are feeling. Also remember that at Oriole Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation we are always here to help you through any pain.