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Warm up and Cool Down to Prevent Spring Injuries

Spring is here! This means sports and other outdoor activities for everyone. After a long winter, spring is the season where most, if not all, are excited to go outside. This is especially true for kids who want to relish spring break and go out to play.

Most of the injuries that occur during a fresh season are due to ligament sprains or muscle strains. Doing warm-up and cool down are important to avoid injuries. Warm-up is essential to ready the muscles for work. It prepares the body for physical activities. Cooling down, on the other hand, promotes recovery and brings the body back to a normal level.

Here are the reasons why you should never skip these routines.


The warm-up prepares the body for any sport or activity by promoting blood flow and increasing the heart rate. It has to start slow and involve cardiovascular exercises. You can start with jogging, biking, or even walking.

Five to ten minutes of a warm-up is enough to get the body ready. It should also focus on the muscles and the movements that are specific to the sport or activity that you will be doing. Having a smooth transition from your warm-up to your sport or activity will prevent injuries.

After the muscles are warmed-up, they become flexible and are ready to be stretched. Doing a few stretches is also a part of a good warm-up. Both static and dynamic stretches allow the muscles and joints to move through a full range of motion.

Cooling Down

This is oftentimes ignored in physical activities. However, cooling down is essential to bring back the body to its normal state. Ten minutes of low cardiovascular activity and stretching can reduce muscle soreness and help in the recovery.

After a strenuous activity, the body goes through stressful processes and damages the muscle fibers and tendons. A proper cool down can assist the body in its repair process.

Remember to refuel your body after an activity. Drink water and eat easy-to-digest food.