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Various Physiotherapy Methods

Physiotherapists are an expert in their own discipline, just like how the surgeons are in theirs. From tensions to sprains and contusions to fractures, physiotherapists are capable of restoring the body back to its best state. In addition, in less severe cases, physiotherapists are able to improve your condition without doing any surgical interventions; they will help you recover quicker after a surgery. Here are some physiotherapy techniques and methods discussed below.

1. Hands-on

It is definite that physiotherapists are willing to get their own hands dirty. They love to perform things with their own hands and not with the help of machines or anything if possible. Some examples include compressing, massaging, and stretching. Keep in mind that the basis for any kinds of treatment plans recommended by physiotherapists is manual therapy and also, they are certain that it can help patients to recuperate better and faster.

2. Physiotherapy with medications
There are times wherein physiotherapy must be incorporated with medications. For injuries like muscle strains, it will be more helpful if the patient is prescribed with an ointment and muscle relaxant together with an interferential therapy which utilizes electrically powered signals that generate soothing massaging effects to rouse the body to produce endorphins for natural relief of pain.

3. Physiotherapy with medical surgery
For serious injuries, physiotherapy in combination with surgery will offer optimum results. Physiotherapy is started few days or weeks before the scheduled surgery of the patient. This will help the patient to strengthen certain muscles in his body. Post-surgery physiotherapy involves preventing scars from forming, regaining full range of motion and regaining complete post-injury condition.

4. Good ol’ physiotherapy
In less serious cases, physiotherapy alone is enough to bring the patient back to full recovery. In conditions like ankle sprains, massaging the affected ankle under a steam will surely help the muscles and tissues to warm up, improve blood flow and accelerate recovery. Neither medication nor surgery is needed in this situation.

5. Ultrasound (UTZ)

Ultrasound is a method wherein imperceptible sound waves are able to pass through beyond layers of fats, loosening it in order to prepare it for physical therapy. It gives a slight touch of warmth to open and loosen out the adjacent tissues, thus, improving blood flow and accelerating healing time.

6. Electrical stimulus
Application of electrical stimulus in small and controlled amounts helps stimulate the muscle tissues to contract. This is particularly vital to patients who are going through traumatic injuries causing them to lose their muscle functions. By utilizing this method, proper functions and movement can be recuperated in a faster way.