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Understanding Sports Therapy

Sports therapy is a part of healthcare that is concerned with injury prevention and rehabilitation to help the patient bounce back to complete sports fitness. It uses the principles of exercise sciences and sports in combining pathological and physiological processes to prepare patients or athletes for competition, training, or even work.

In sports therapy, different therapeutic techniques are used for patients. Aside from athletes, this therapy is also helpful in providing support to people who want to improve and maintain their fitness.

The Sports Therapist

A sports therapist is a healthcare professional who has the proper training in providing first aid for sports-related injuries and planning appropriate rehabilitation programs. He can use sports principles in optimizing the performance of athletes for competition.

These therapists may have acquired trainings and courses from recognized universities and schools. Those who have taken physical therapy are also able to conduct sports therapy to patients.

There is an increase in demand for sports therapists as more people, not just athletes, are trying sports therapy in order to get back to the activity that they enjoy. Aside from that, sports injuries are also on the rise in the recent years.

Sports Therapy Session

In a usual sports therapy session, the injury will be appraised using different techniques like gait analysis, biomechanical assessment, posture analysis and soft tissue assessment. The session may include electrical and mechanical treatment, mobilization, soft tissue therapy, and warming and cooling therapy.

In order to achieve results, the number of sessions may vary depending on the needs of the athlete. Other sessions may also include strengthening and stretching exercises or massages.

How it’s Used

Sports therapy is mainly used for optimizing performance and addressing a wide range of injuries and conditions. This can be beneficial for those experiencing pulled groin muscles, shin splints, Achilles tendon injuries, tennis elbow, Sciatica problems, and heel spurs.

It can also be used for injury prevention and preventing muscle weakness. Oftentimes, the long-standing weakness is the cause of major injuries.