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Understanding Physiotherapy – What Can It Do for You?

Have you ever had a twisted ankle, a dislocated shoulder or any sports related injury? If so, then you might have heard about the treatment called physiotherapy. But an in-depth knowledge about physiotherapy would make you see that this kind of treatment is not just about fixing your ankles or your shoulders. It encompasses a lot of aspects involving rehabilitation that target the body parts that have suffered some illness or accident deformities. This treatment is considered as a non-pharmacologic approach to illnesses ranging from mild to severe.

By definition, physiotherapy literally means restoring the body to its healthy state. It tackles a wide array of non-pharmacological techniques that generally involves massaging, re-positioning, stretching, range of motion exercises and many more. The kind of technique to be administered depends upon what kind of problem you have.

Why would you want to consider having physiotherapy? This method of body restoration provides a tower of benefits. When administered properly, it can relieve you from pain which is its main function. With proper guidance of passive and active body movements, application of heat, use of massages and traction, a physiotherapist can help you get rid of muscle rigidity and wasting due to immobility. Furthermore, this therapy has been proven to help patients suffering from whiplash which is a condition often felt after a vehicular accident wherein the patient feels numbness in shoulder and neck muscles, dizziness and ringing of your ear otherwise called as tinnitus.

Moreover, physiotherapy also involves rehabilitation for patients having respiratory problems. With proper deep breathing and coughing exercises, hard to expel respiratory secretions can be softened. A physiotherapist can also perform some timed chest and back tapping and vibration to loosen up those sticky phlegm. Physiotherapy is broad and covers a wide array of diseases. You can teach yourself how to perform this. However, for intricate cases, you should seek the service of a professional physiotherapist.

Our team at Oriole Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center are well-trained are are bale to handle your needs without any problem. With a multidisciplinary staff, you can be assured of a wide array of services such as occupational therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture and other aspects of physiotherapy. Furthermore, our specialties have been improved to cover a wide array of possible patient problems. Our equipment has been engraved with the latest technology on physiotherapy which have been carefully inspected to ensure that they function without defects.