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Treating Chronic arthritis Holistically

When most people think of arthritis, they think of an elderly person with crippled hands . Nonetheless, arthritis is a much more complex condition that that. There are numerous types of arthritis and it can affect child and younger adults too. Though it is often thought of as a senior disorder, it can occur in anyone of any age. The chronic symptoms of arthritis are pain and stiffness in the joints. Joints that are affected often appear to be red and swollen. Over time, the joints will develop limitations in their movement and or physical deformities. There are some types of chronic arthritis that affect the tissues in the other parts of the body, not just the joints.

The Most Common Types of Arthritis

There are hundreds of various types of arthritis, yet the ones that most people are familiar with is RA or OA. Both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis is the most common forms diagnosed by physicians today. However, there are many other types that are not so uncommon, they are:

•Ankylosing Spondylitis
•Lupus (SLE)
•Lyme Disease
•Septic Arthritis

Diagnosing Arthritis

Like most conditions that involve chronic pain, the official diagnosis of arthritis doesn’t happen quickly. Doctors want to eliminate other possible causes, and the physician will perform tests to rule out other diseases. After receiving a detailed history and physical, they will ask questions about the pain. Knowing what makes it better and what makes it worse is important in discovering the type of arthritis it could be. Blood tests are a great way to see if there are specific chemicals that are typically associated with arthritis. Even the blood count can give clues to joint pain. Tests like the ANA or the Sed Rate can show any inflammation in the body, or an increase in antibodies found typically with RA. One of the best indicators is an x-ray or an MRI. These imaging tests offer an insight into the joint. It will also show structural changes that specific forms of arthritis display. It’s usually a lengthy process, so don’t expect results overnight.

Treating Arthritis

The first course of treatment that many people try is NSAID drugs. Most of these can be purchased in small strengths over the counter. These pills are damaging to the liver and should be avoided. There are holistic methods that can treat the underlying condition without any side effects. When the arthritis problem is on a joint like the knee, one option is to replace the joint in question so that the pain will subside. If a patient doesn’t want to have surgery, then there are numerous other options. One such option is the Theralase laser therapy treatment.

These laser treatments can provide significant relief from chronic arthritis symptoms. This cold laser can reduce pain fast and accelerate the healing process. It is extremely safe and a non-invasive process. It offers quick relief from inflammation and pain for those who truly suffer. One of the main points that make this form of treatment effective is that it increases the range of motion, which is the most common complaint of arthritis. The laser helps to improve immune cell production and productivity.

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Other treatment methods, like acupuncture, have also been explored. At Oriole Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre, we use the latest in technology to bring you relief from chronic conditions. Call 416-221-0772 to schedule an appointment and find out how they can help you.