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Tips in Managing Morning Stiffness

Waking up in the morning feeling stiff can be very frustrating to anyone. Yes, morning stiffness can be a very bad start for the day, affecting your ability to perform daily routines in the house or at work. A morning stiffness that has become regular can be a cause of concern and might be an indication of musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia. Or this can be a symptom of another disorder which may need an evaluation from your healthcare provider.

Managing Morning Stiffness

Once your doctor conducts an extensive examination, he or she may determine the real cause of your condition and may then deal with it accordingly. Your doctor may prescribe medications to ease the pain and stiffness and may suggest other ways of dealing with these symptoms. You may be required to make certain behavioral and lifestyle changes.

Whatever your healthcare provider may have recommended, here are some thing that may help manage your morning stiffness:

· Make a conscious effort to a have a sleeping position that provides support to your joints.

· It helps to have a sleeping environment that is warm and comfortable. This may be done by adjusting temperature levels or by using heating pads or electric blankets.

· It is also recommended that you take a hot shower upon rising from bed. Standing under the water can be relaxing and may help ease those pains and soreness.

· Tension and stress may contribute to morning stiffness so as much as possible go to bed free from any stressful thoughts. Try forgetting and setting aside all concerns and aim for a restful sleep.

· It would also greatly help if you can start activities a bit later rather than engaging in work while you are still feeling very sore and stiff. If it is possible, you can arrange with your employer that you start work at a later shift.

Exercises Very Vital in Managing Morning Stiffness

Another way of managing morning stiffness is perform simple exercises before starting the day. These exercises have been shown to help keep the joints moving and reduce morning stiffness. Daily routines to be performed should include range-of-motion exercises, strengthening exercises, and aerobic exercises.

Each of these types of exercises provides different benefits that result to an overall improvement of your morning stiffness. These exercises have been already been shown to have resulted to significant improvement in patients suffering from similar symptoms. To get the most out of these exercises, it is best to seek guidance from physical therapists who have been trained specifically for these conditions. They will teach you how to properly perform these exercises and the precautionary measures to observe.