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Things to Avoid if You Have Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain has been recognized as one of the most common pains that affect adult men and women. This condition has been responsible for a lot of disabilities and has greatly affected employee productivity. For those already suffering from lower back pain, here are some things to observe in order to minimize the pain and other symptoms.

Avoid Lifting Heavy Objects

One of the major reasons for the onset of lower back has been attributed to lifting heavy things. This is especially so if lifting is done improperly, which only serves to increase the risk of causing injury to the back. If you are already experiencing lower back pain, it is a must that you should stop lifting heavy objects. You may have to talk to your employer if your job requires a lot of lifting. It would be advantageous for you if you are assigned a job that is not physically strenuous.

Observe Proper Posture

A lot of musculoskeletal problems that have become very prevalent may be traced to poor posture. It might be that your back pain may have developed due to improper posture. So if you have chronic back pain, it is imperative that you maintain a proper posture and especially, slouching should be eliminated. A slouching position exerts so much strain on the back that pressure on the joints, muscles, and discs may cause excessive pain. It really pays to correct your posture and make a conscious effort to maintain the proper posture.

Do Not Believe on Miracle Cure

In the market right now are all sorts of therapies that promise immediate cure for any types of pain including back pain. These may range from dietary supplements, gadgets, devices, herbal medicines, and many other more. Do not be swayed by those claims and testimonies since these things are not supported by scientific evidence. If these were true, then there would have been less people suffering from lower back pain.

Stop Smoking

You might be skeptical about this, but there have been studies that have shown that smoking increases the risk of getting back pain. Quitting the smoking habit would particularly be beneficial to those already suffering from lower back pain. In any case, stopping smoking would benefit you in other areas of health and fitness.

Do Not Stop Exercising

It is a misconception to think that exercising will worsen your back pains. Of course, there are certain types of exercise routines that may be harmful to your condition. With the proper exercises, you may able to gain muscular strength to support your back, increased circulation, enhanced range of motion, and an improvement in overall health. You should talk to experts, such as physical therapists, to learn the right exercises and to be guided accordingly.