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The Most Common Sports Injuries

Sports can be exciting and competitive. However, it may not be all fun when injuries happen. There are hundreds of sports injuries that can happen during a game. It can happen to anyone, be it a child playing soccer with classmates in school to pro athletes competing for a title. There is always a risk of getting injured once you step into the playing field.

Here are the most common sports injuries that you should be conscious of as you play any sport:

Achilles Tendinitis

This tendon is located at the back of the ankle. When the Achilles tendon is overused, it can be inflamed and painful. Achilles tendinitis can become chronic when left untreated. The injury can also worsen and leaves the patient unable to run. This injury is common to runners and athletes who run and jump.

Ankle Sprain

Volleyball, soccer, and basketball players commonly experience ankle sprains. This is an injury to the soft tissues of the ankle. Ankle sprains result from twisting your ankle from a jump or from losing your footing when running. Oftentimes, this may also result to tearing of a ligament or tendon.

Lower Back Pain

Although lower back pain also affects sedentary and obese people, it is also common among athletes and active people to varying degree. There are different forms of lower back pain. It can be caused by back spasms, bulging discs, or sciatica. In sports, this is usually caused by improper stretching or wrong form in lifting or exercising.

Tennis Elbow

Elbow injuries account for almost 10 percent of all sports injuries. Tennis elbow is a tendon generation caused by repetitive strokes and poor backhand technique. This happens with the overuse of the muscles in the arm, forearm, and hand. The pain can be felt outside of the elbow.

Runner’s Knee

This injury comprises more than 50 percent of total sports injuries and a quarter of these problems have to be treated by a surgeon. Runner’s knee includes different pains and aches on the kneecap. Cyclists, swimmers, and basketball and football players are also prone to this injury.