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The Monetary And Psychological Costs Of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents can cause psychological implications to the victims, witnesses and their families and friends. There is need for great care to be taken in regards to the effects that such accidents have on the involved parties. In Canada, the Oriole Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre has taken the initiative to care for such individuals by offering psychological help and support. It is a dreadful event to be involved or even to witness an incident of a vehicle accident. The distress caused by such a dreadful incident definitely requires professional help. This is why psychologists have designed a program to cater to such victims.

Causes of vehicle accidents

Vehicle accidents are caused by several factors. Some occur as a result of human error while some are just mechanical failures. No matter the cause, the result effects can be fatal and drastic to even think about. Accidents can occur as a result of unstable vehicle design, bad road design or conditions, or the environment is among other natural factors that the driver might not have control over. These are unfortunate situations that can lead to vehicle accidents. In such situations where the driver has no control over the environment, we can only hope for the best and do whatever we can to avoid an incident. However, there are instances where human control can be applied to avert an occurrence of an accident.

Human-based causes

All over the world, alcohol and drug abuse are some of the major causes of accidents. This is mainly because such practices are dangerous to the human brain because they interfere with the ability of the brain to make firm and accurate judgments. When the brain is under the influence of alcohol or any drug, the normal operation of the same is altered and this interferes with reasoning and accurate personal rationale. This is quite stressing because it leads to various losses to both the society and the individuals involved. In most incidences, disability is the most resulting factor as a well as death and these are quite undesirable. In addition, there is the cost factor.

Cost implications

In every vehicle accident, there is a major cost implication that occurs. Vehicles themselves are quite costly therefore their destruction is a costly loss. On the hand, car accidents normally involve destruction of other properties around the location of incident. In fact some will involve the distraction of property onboard the colliding vehicles and this could amount to thousands if not millions of dollars. Other accrued losses are also incurred in hospital bills for the injured and compensation for the victims which can cost a fortune. The cost implications and the losses abound should be enough reasons to prompt motorists to be careful on the roads to avoid accidents.