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The Healing Wonders of Spinal Decompression

The Healing Wonders of Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression nowadays is considered as a remarkable and effective treatment for people who are experiencing any symptoms of herniated spinal discs. Other successful treatments with this procedure also involves protruding discs, stenosis, degenerative disc disease, sciatica and spinal arthritis. There is also a non-surgical option to relieve and treat chronic back or neck pain in which drugs are not being utilized, with no known side effects and are used by patients with restricted treatments or budget from other conventional therapies.

This kind of treatment should be prescribed appropriately since not all patients can benefit with this kind of procedure. So one should seek careful planning from a trusted health care professional. How does this practice work? With the ground-breaking technology utilized by spinal decompression, it is now possible for the doctors to treat and target the damaged disc in the spine. Unlike before that there’s no other treatment available when one has an accident resulting in a dislocated disc in the spine, so one will have to endure the pain for a lifetime. With the use of a decompression force, this is done by gently stretching the affected area of the spine so that negative pressure will then be developed on the damaged disc. This will lead to the bulging of the disc otherwise known as herniation that will draw the water and oxygen back into the disc causing retraction back to its normal place and appearance. The patient will feel a diminishing pain as the disc starts to heal back to its normal place.

During the treatment or session, patients can relax and may advised to listen to a music or watch television inside the room. Only few patients experience slight muscle soreness while mostly may testify that they felt no pain. Right now, there are certain types of systems used for decompressions with the aid of computers. By this, it will help the physician to locate the exact area of the affected disc and then calculate specifically in order to experience accurate and pain-free treatment. Patients are then asked to return to their physician for proper monitoring and evaluation of the treatment.

We at Oriole Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre offers you extended health benefits with our spinal decompression procedure. With highly trained and efficient experts, we assure you a pain-free treatment and an immediate result with this therapy. Our therapist also gives you expert advice regarding proper mechanisms and exercises to fasten healing. We also offer stabilization treatments too. So come and see us today and experience our reliable services.