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The Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is a new medical treatment that uses low-level lasers. This drug-free therapy stimulates damaged tissues, which hastens healing and reduces inflammation. The healing and relief provided by cold laser are due to several mechanisms. It triggers the body to heal itself and stimulates the mitochondria, which encourages regeneration and cell repair. The laser can penetrate up to four inches into the tissue to promote healing right at the source of the injury.

The therapy can be helpful to various patients. It provides certain benefits, such as:

It reduces inflammation and eliminates pain. The laser lights reduce swelling caused by inflamed joints. It provides better joint mobility and stimulates tissue regeneration. Cold laser therapy activates the lymphatic drainage system to drain the swollen area of the body and reduce inflammation.

It is safe. Cold laser is non-evasive and does not use strong lasers, which do not damage the cells. The treatment does not result in over-stimulation or overdose. It is also painless and non-toxic. This does have any side effects, as well. This makes cold laser therapy effective with 90 percent efficacy rates. Patients can easily return to a pain-free lifestyle within a few weeks.

It promotes faster wound healing. The laser therapy accelerates wound healing. It reduces the formation of scar tissue caused by scratches, cuts, surgery, and burns. Cold laser promotes the reabsorption of fibrotic tissues, which speeds up healing.

It treats arthritis. Cold laser therapy provides relief from arthritis by eliminating pain and reducing inflammation. It also helps increase joint mobility and improves immune cell efficiency.

It aids weight loss and addiction rehabilitation. The therapy is effective in treating addiction and aiding weight loss. Cold laser can stimulate specific points in the ear, which causes the release of neurotransmitters that can break the addiction cycle. Combined with behavioral modification and counseling, cold laser therapy can help programs reach a higher success rate.