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The Amazing Benefits of Laser Treatment in Pain Management and Healing


Laser medical treatment and therapy uses focused light to treat a number of conditions, including cancer symptoms, vision problems, kidney stones and prostate removal. Laser therapy treatment can also destroy or shrink precancerous growths. Some specialized laser treatments feature a cauterizing effect that can be used to seal lymph vessels, nerve endings and blood vessels. The main benefits of laser treatment include fast and precision treatment, and shorter healing period.

Pain Management and Treatment

The first part of pain management is identifying the anatomical reason for the pain. Understanding this reason will help eliminate any underlying anxiety or uncertainty about the pain. Once the pain is diagnosed, the physician can recommend any of the effective pain management procedures, such as laser therapy, conservative pain management methods, medicinal pain management methods and minimally invasive pain management methods. Conservative pain management techniques include chiropractic care, acupuncture and physical exercises, while the medicinal pain management methods include the use of topical pain relievers and soft tissue injections.

Laser therapy is fast gaining prominence as one of the most preferred treatment and pain management techniques. Laser physiotherapy, for instance, can help a patient go back to their normal lives with little side-effects. There are different types of laser treatments being offered in various health centres. These treatments typically focus on specific illnesses and areas of the body. For example, the popular theralaser treatment is used in cancer treatment, swelling reduction, pain management, rapid wound healing, strain treatment and weight management among other areas of application.

Theralaser treatment works by placing light sensitive species into the systems in order to accurately locate the problem area, before the laser is used to irradiate it. This treatment is very effective and does not involve mediation or painful invasive procedures. The other popular non-invasive laser treatment is the cold laser therapy. This treatment uses super-pulsed and gentle laser to produce a bio-stimulative effect

Laser Treatment and Pain Management in Canada

Rehabilitation and physiotherapy can be vital to a patient’s recovery from injury. Oriole Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre understands the problems chronic pain can cause for a patient. This is why our centre is focused on helping patients find pain relief. The therapeutic services offered at our centre include physiotherapy, acupuncture, spinal decompression, massage therapy, compression stockings and laser treatments. Treatment begins with a personal consultation, followed by a review of the patient’s medical history. Call us at (416)-221-0772.