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Rhabdomyolysis – an Unknown Killer of Athletes

Being an athlete is a skill that anyone can learn. You can be a triathlon athlete, basketball athlete, or any sports athlete for that matter and combination of these sports. But, put in mind that every athlete needs undergo proper training to enhance their skills and at the same time, avoid any accidents that might occur during the game.

The threat of Rhabdomyolysis has been unknown to these athletes that don’t practice proper training. Rhabdomyolysis is a serious syndrome brought about by muscle injuries that athletes choose to ignore. One cause that leads to this Rhabdomyolysis is extreme muscle strain due to improper training or warm up prior to doing sports

There are symptoms of Rhabdomyolysis that might mislead an athlete to treat it as an ordinary muscle pain. These symptoms include muscle pain in shoulders, thighs or lower backs, weakness of the muscles or pain in moving the arms and legs which can often be associated with just an ordinary sprain, and fever with rapid heart rate. These symptoms are very deceiving and will make you think of an ordinary pain that athletes experience but, again, the Rhabdomyolysis might lead to fatal scenarios once complications occur like kidney damage.


Like a typical muscle pain, Rhabdomyolysis is treatable. As long as you are able to detect the syndrome at an early stage, doctors can easily treat you with medications. But most importantly, prevention is still the best practice to do rather than cure the illness. Proper exercise and frequent trainings paired with healthy lifestyle are the keys of being a successful athlete. This way, the occurrence of muscle strain or pains will be minimal. You may want to visit Oriole Physio for more information on how to avoid muscle pains or treat one if you experience it.