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Proper Posture for the Prevention of Back Pain

A poor posture does not only wreck your appearance but may cause a host of medical conditions including the very agonizing back pains. Lower and upper back pains are very common that these conditions have been responsible for numerous hours of work absences. In addition, these terrible pains can be very costly and reduce drastically a person’s quality of life.

While there may be instances where back pains may have clinical causes, in most cases the cause for these pains may be traced to poor posture. Medical experts are one in asserting the wrong way of standing, sitting, and moving can be blamed for most of the upper and lower back pains. For such a condition causing terrible pain, the solution may be very simple. All it takes is to have the proper posture.

Why Poor Posture Causes Back Pain?

Pain and injury in the lower back, spine, neck, and shoulders are brought about to the various factors that may be traced to them is alignment of the body. Due to this unnatural position, the back is not properly supported causing the muscles to be strained which may only add up more stress to spine. Over time, these deficiencies will result to anatomical damages to the spine.

Flow of blood may likewise be affected since blood vessels may be constricted, making it unable to provide the required blood and oxygen. Without these nutrients, pain may now be experienced in the muscles, tissues, joints, and spine. A position where the shoulders protrude may make chest muscle shorten and back muscles lengthen which can only lead to a bad back. These problems get worse when muscles are not properly exercised or stretched.

How to Achieve the Proper Posture?

To have that proper and healthy posture, experts agree that all the joints should be in alignment and the neck, spine, and back must havethe natural curves. To get an idea of a proper posture when standing, the ears, should, and hips should be aligned with the ankle. When this is achieved, gravity is evenly distributed reducing the amount of stress and strain on the body.

Once proper posture is retained, pain caused by misalignment will be reduced or entirely eliminated. The best solution is to get into the habit of observing the proper posture and maintaining at all times. There should be a conscious effort to correct the problem and must be done in a consistent basis.

Getting Expert Help

There might be instances that correcting posture may be difficult or there might be certain constraints. Under these circumstances it may be best to seek the help of physical therapists. These experts will conduct an evaluation and come with the necessary strategies to address the problem. These may consist of physical exercises and may even include devices or therapies that will help in achieving that correct posture.