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Physiotherapy for Mature Adults

Aging is a natural process that everyone goes through. Aging adults also face different challenges in this phase of life. This is where physiotherapy comes in.

Although starting a fitness regimen at the age of 70 to 80 might sound strange, this can be an effective tool for mature adults to hold on to independence. This allows you to reduce the pressure on your family and caregivers. You’re never too old to start exercising.

Scientific evidence shows that older people can gain the most benefits with physical activity. It has to do with doing the right type of exercise.

More Physical Activity

Physiotherapists are already prescribing more physical activities to their older patients to help in preventing the loss of mobility. Addressing muscle weakness even for patients in their 90’s is still effective.

A perfectly tailored workout regime can help in transforming your life. Getting active is not only important for health reasons, but also for financial reasons as medical expenses on falls are increasing every year.

Dementia patients can also reap the benefits of physiotherapy. This can create a big difference in the patients’ lives. Exercise and physical activity can ensure a high quality of life for them. Physiotherapists have to be creative in creating a program for these patients since the latter might forget their routines.

What it Requires

Physiotherapy for mature adults entails treatment of common falls caused by frailty, osteoporosis or even osteoarthritis. This kind of therapy enables older adults to return to their previous function while preventing complications due to their conditions.

Physiotherapists use a variety of treatment techniques depending on the needs of the patient. This may include circuit training, gait re-education, rehabilitation, balance exercises, bed mobility activities, and others.

The process will also include different tests, such as vision and blood pressure and balance assessments. Follow-up programs will also be created to help patients even further and ensure success.