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Modern Way to Treat Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal Cord Injury or commonly termed as SCI is one of the most common injuries experienced not only with athletes but any individual for that matter. SCI became a wake-up call for medical specialists during the year 1995 when the famous actor, Christopher Reeve, popularly known as Superman, suffered SCI. The world has seen how he suffered the said illness and this was the cue of Science to come up with a modern way to treat or care for those who suffer SCI.

Basic Causes of SCI

SCI don’t choose who to attack. Even Christopher Reeve wasn’t able to avoid this despite having a beautifully gifted body. Put in mind that SCI can be avoided but when it comes to unforeseen accidents such as vehicular accidents or even falling from a height distance. You will never know if you might have this type of injury so it’s best that you be extra careful every time.

Modern Assistance to SCI

Once SCI get to you, your life will really get difficult especially when you become immobile or motionless. There are two major assistance that have been developed by Science so as to improve the lives of those who have SCI. These two are the wheelchairs and computers. Wheelchairs are now lighter and easy to maneuver and there are those that can already climb stairs. As for computers, there are voice-activated gadgets so that it’s easier for the patient to call for help. Computers became handy now by becoming portable like Tablets and even Smart mobile phones.

Medications are also being improved for SCI patients. Complications in bowel or infection in bladder are now being treated by medicines. The most recent research study now is the stem cell cure that will hopefully be a successful answer to SCI.