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Massage Therapy Health Benefits

That relaxing massage isn’t only available in spas. In the recent years, massage is already provided in clinics, businesses, and airports. Massage has been used to ease the pain and soreness after a long day at work or tough workout.

The benefits you can get from a relaxing massage session are more than just soothing sore muscles. Some researches show that massage has a wide range of benefits. These should convince you to continue the relaxing sessions.

1. It counteracts sitting. Most of the people today deal with postural stress, especially desk workers who sit long hours. This usually manifests in the shoulder and shows up as weakness in the lower back. Massage can counteract sitting problems so you can keep your desk job by scheduling regular massage sessions.

2. It manages depression and anxiety. Since massage is known to be relaxing, it is no wonder that it can soothe depression and anxiety. Massage can reduce cortisol, a stress hormone. This results to lower blood pressure and a better mood. It also boosts dopamine and serotonin, which both decreases depression.

3. It can help insomnia. Massage doesn’t only encourage a restful sleep; it can also help you if you struggle with sleep. It promotes sleep and relaxation for patients. Studies have shown that massage can affect delta waves, brain waves that are associated to sleep.

4. It eases pain. Back pain is a common complaint among people. According to researches, massage can ease pain and help you function better. This is in comparison to patients who didn’t receive any massage therapies. Aside from back pain, massage also relieves headaches. Regular massage can help reduce the number of your migraines.

5. It boosts immunity. A study published in 2010 showed that massage can increase white blood cells, which are important in fighting off diseases. Massage can lead to a better immune system.

6. It beats PMS. Having those monthly pesky PMS symptoms, like mood swings, dysmenorrhea, and bloating, can be a hassle for many women. A small study found that massage can relieve these symptoms.