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Learning the More Popular Forms of Massage Therapy

Knowing the different types of massage therapies can be very overwhelming with so many forms of massages available right now. There are probably over a hundred types in existence, with some having very unique names and descriptions. Each may have its own characteristics and principles and may claim to bring out its own special benefits.

Without going into the details, brief descriptions of some massage therapies are presented here to acquaint you with the more popular ones.

Swedish Massage Therapy

This is perhaps the most common massage therapy available right now and in some cases the term massage has been associated with Swedish Massage. Known for providing relaxation, this form of massage may also offer other health benefits. Swedish massage basically uses long strokes, kneading on the muscles, and circular motions with the use of oil or lotion. Gentle and slow movements of the joints are also included in the routine.

Aromatherapy Massage

This is essentially a massage therapy that includes the use of scented plant oils called essential oils. It is believed that these aromatic compounds aid in changing a person’s mood and cognitive function while improving one’s overall health. This type of massage seems to be favored by those who desire some sort of relaxation with the inclusion of an emotional component.

Deep Tissue Massage

As the name may imply, this massage aims for the layers of muscles, tendons, and tissues deep under the skin using slow and deliberate strokes and techniques applied across the muscle’s grain. This is most ideal for muscles that are stiff and painful. Deep tissue massage can have a very therapeutic effect on those with chronic tight muscles, those sustaining strains, and those with postural problems.

Thai Massage

Also gaining wide popularity right now is Thai Massage, which many claim may be more energizing and may aid in flexibility. The principle behind this massage is the alignment of energies through the use of pressure on specific points. This may be achieved by compression of muscles, targeting of joints, stretching, and the use of acupressure. During a session using Thai Massage, you may find yourself in various postures under the guidance of your therapist.

Sports Massage

Do not be deceived by the name of this massage. While this may be ideal for athletes, it can prove very beneficial for anyone who engages in physical activities. Unlike other forms where relaxation is the key objective, Sports Massage concentrates on the prevention and treatment of injury as well as boosting performance. This is may be considered a combination of various massage therapies, with the end result of coming up with its own set of techniques. Athletes find this type of massage very useful before, during, and after any sports engagements.