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Insights on Insoles: How to Choose the Best

If you are looking for some extra support or comfort in your shoes, insoles are a helpful solution. These shoe inserts can relieve pain and soreness, but can be confusing to purchase. If you want a solution for an orthopedic problem, you’ll want to consult an expert rather than guessing and buying something off the shelf at the corner drug store. Professional orthotics use different shapes, sizes, and materials, each of which is used to specifically target a problem area in the foot. If you are looking for relief, consult an expert to determine your problem, then follow these tips to find the best insoles for you.

Comfort, Support, and Custom

The two most common types of insoles are comfort and custom. Comfort insoles are a solution for people looking to sooth sore, tired, overworked feet. These are most often made of foam or gel and can stretch the whole length or only partially cover the inside of your shoes. Support insoles are usually made of a harder material (like plastic) and are custom-designed to help more specific foot-related issues, such as plantar fasciitis or misalignment.

If you’ve purchased a comfort insole and it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, consider the support variety. If you have chronic pain it may be time to visit an orthotic specialist who can develop a custom insole just for you.

Sizing Matters

People often make the mistake of buying an insole without trying it on. Just like your shoes, insoles come in a variety of sizes designed for different foot shapes. Make sure the insole you’ve purchased fits snugly inside your shoes before prancing out of the store.

Look At the Whole Picture

While the proper insole can make a world of difference, it should not be considered the only solution. All too often people use insoles to add comfort to worn out or poorly designed shoes. Others ignore their body’s signals that something is wrong. If you are persistently experiencing foot discomfort, consider seeing a specialist who can use both insoles and other forms of physical therapy to dramatically improve your daily comfort.

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