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Injury Prevention: Key to a Perfect Sports and Exercise Activity

Engaging in sports and exercises is a perfect opportunity to have fun, enjoyment, spend time with friends, and at the same time reap huge health benefits. But all these may be lost by just a single injury such as spraining or straining the ankles. It was recently reported in the American Journal of Medicine that over 28,000 ankle injuries occur every day and that healing for most part may take as long as three years. These alarming figures underscore the importance of taking precautionary measures before breaking that sweat.

Here are some tips that may be useful in preventing those unwelcome injuries:

Don’t Forget to Warm-up and Cool Down

It is never a good idea to directly plunge to that favorite game of yours. More injuries have been reported for lack of warm-up. You should start any exercises by stretching those muscles so as to make them flexible for any activity. You may want to prepare those muscles by doing gentle and slow movement such as slow jogging or jumping jacks. And of course, don’t forget to have a cool-down after completing your game or exercise session.

Drink Enough Fluids

To avoid any dehydration, it is important to take in enough fluids. Do not wait until you feel thirsty before going for that water. It is essential to keep replenishing any fluids lost to sweating. Keep in mind that dehydration may lead to poor performance and even unnecessary injuries. And be sure not to take any liquids that contain caffeine since this may only increase dehydration.

Follow Correct Techniques

If you should join any sports activities or even exercises, then it is worth doing it right. This does not only make your performance more efficient, but it can prevent those injuries. This is very important to children who are still learning the game and may face the possibility of following wrong techniques as they progress in their chosen sports.

Use Proper Gear and Protective Equipment

Depending on the activity you are engaged on, you must wear the proper clothing. If you are out running in broad daylight, it may be good to be protected by the sun. In activities that involve your feet, be sure to have the best footwear you can have. This can greatly help in preventing those very common ankle injuries. If you are into contact sports, always be ready with your mouth guards and knee pads. Taping of fragile joints may also be of big help.

Proper Action When Injured

Even with the best precautionary measures, injuries may still happen. Sports therapists have provided first-aid guidelines such as RICE, which stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. But remember, this is only for first-aid purposes. It is of utmost importance to immediately see your doctor in order to be given the treatment program. And when you undergo rehabilitation, you must go for the best if you want to be back to your game in the soonest time possible.