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Lower back pain is a serious matter. Pain in the lumbar/spine area can be crippling and can impact your lifestyle. It is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Lumbar spine pain if often blamed for many things. Discomfort in the spine, elbows, knees, spinal discs and bones is easily traced to muscular problems, disc degeneration, herniation, lumbar stenosis and osteoarthritis. Contemporary research shows that three out of four individuals will endure the pain and suffer from lower back pain during their lifetime. Lower back should not last more than three days. If pain persists, it’s wise to consult a spinal/back practitioner. Lower back issues that linger for more than 90 days is known as chronic pain.

Muscular Problems

Muscle strain is the main reason for lumbar spine problems. Picking up heavy boxes or constant arm and leg bending can strain muscles and ligaments causing discomfort or paralyzing pain. Tears and over-exertion cause a muscle strain which results in muscle fiber damage. A lumbar sprain occurs when ligaments are over-stretched or tear.

Degenerated Discs

Acting like miniature sponges, vertebrae discs act as buffers and absorb any contact that can occur from the lumbar spine’s vertebrae. Sometimes disc will degenerate and leave an opening between the vertebrae. Without a disc, the vertebrae make contact with each other, causing nerve irritation and pain.

Lumbar Disc Herniation

Occurring over a long period or happening all of a sudden, a herniated disc happens mostly in the lumbar region of the musculoskeletal system. When the disc interior dissolves, the membrane fluid leaks through the disc exterior, causing a herniation and extreme nerve irritation and pain.


Also known as facet joint arthritis, osteoarthritis in the lumbar region occurs when cartilage shrouding spinal facet joints lose their durability and unravel over time. Without a buffer between the joints, bone spurs can occur from the friction as well as swelling, sensitivity and nerve irritation.

Lumbar Stenosis

As individuals age, their spinal canal shrinks. Lumbar Stenosis is a situation where spinal cord nerve endings reach out from canals or openings. With smaller openings, nerve endings become pinched, causing pain to radiate to the legs and giving a tingling sensation. The inflammation, in many instances, makes walking a difficult experience. Bones spurs and osteoarthritis symptoms contribute to the canal openings becoming restricted.

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