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Get the Most from a Facial Massage

You might think that a facial massage, which is usually offered in salons, is just one of the ways to enhance beauty. While not exactly wrong, you may not be entirely correct. A facial massage does not just do well for your facial appearance but offer much more. One can reap tons of health benefits for just a few minutes of facial and scalp massage. According to different studies, the benefits of this type of massage include the following:

Offers Relief from Congestion

Especially for those who have sensitive sinuses, a facial massage would be a great way to relieve any congestion in the sinus that can be a cause of pain and discomfort. When that part of the face is massaged properly, hormones are secreted that give you a feeling of relief, which also improves drainage of the mucus. This will relieve the pressure and congestion. But please note that facial massage is not intended to address medical conditions that are associated with the sinuses

Eliminates Toxins in the Body

A massage in the facial area provides stimulation to the lymphatic vessels that allow toxins to be eliminated. The lymphatic system is very vital in getting rid of toxins in the body. With the proper stimulation, fluid is released in the bloodstream where it eliminates toxins that are detrimental to good health. These lymph nodes are found in the facial area, with concentration in the chin and jaw line.

Enhances the Mood

You may have experienced having a good mood after combing your hair or applying pressure in your face. The same principle works for the facial massage. There are so many nerve points in the scalp and face that a good rub in these points would alleviate any stress and provide a feeling of contentment.
This benefit may actually find support from a scientific study carried out by the User Science Institute that showed a decrease in anxiety and enhancement of mood after a facial massage of 45 minutes.

Gives You that Young-looking Skin

Wrinkles will always give you that haggard and old appearance, making you look years beyond your actual age. To address this concern, a facial massage may be one good solution. Wrinkles which are the result of tight muscles in the facial area may be eased off after releasing the tension that has built up in these muscles. These muscles are relaxed and given the proper nutrients so that wrinkles or other face lines may now be removed. This works well together with the appropriate lotion or moisturizers.