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Broaden Your Benefits from Deep Tissue Massage

 Massage Is Therapy

People get deep tissue massage therapy for many different reasons, but the primary one that drives most people to try it is the issue of chronic pain. Massage is truly a therapeutic practice that, when performed by fully trained professionals, produces relief from pain and stiffness. There are a number of different massages that a registered massage therapist (RMT) can perform, providing medical benefits. Deep tissue massage is one of the best types of preventative medicine and can lead to lasting healing from physical injuries.

Five Main Benefits

There are many benefits to deep tissue massage therapy, which focuses on muscles buried in the tissues of the body. Many doctors recommend deep tissue massage therapy from an RMT. With strong finger pressure and firm but slow hand movement applied to the muscles, this therapy is relaxing. However, it is generally agreed by medical professionals that five huge health benefits result from the treatment:

  • Reducing Chronic Pain Reduction
  • Rehabilitating Injured Muscles
  • Breaking up Scar Tissue
  • Improving Blood Pressure
  • Relieving Stress

Reducing Chronic Pain

Deep tissue massage is proven to be more effective for chronic pain relief than many other medical remedies. This is because this type of massage helps promote good blood flow and reduces inflammation (the source of most chronic pain). It also works to alleviate knotted tension in tight muscles.

Rehabilitating Injured Muscles

Injured muscles can be healed with deep tissue massage by helping to remove toxins and disentangling knotted muscle masses. It reduces pain by relaxing all the muscles. Deep tissue massage is used extensively in sports medicine and rehabilitation.

Breaking Up Scar Tissue

Over time deep tissue massages can also work to remove scar tissue. The improved circulation and drainage of the lymphatic glands helps improve range of motion and general flexibility in the affected areas. Scar tissue causes many symptoms associated with chronic pain and stiffness. Surgeons and therapists often recommend massage therapy following surgeries.

Improving Blood Pressure

Because deep tissue massage reduces tension and stress, a person’s blood pressure is reduced. A University of Maryland Medical Center study states it is typical for systolic pressure to drop by ten points and diastolic pressure to drop five points following a treatment. Other benefits include better serotonin production, promoting good feelings.

Relieving Stress

Many side effects of stress include stiff shoulders, super-tight muscles, and tension headaches. Deep tissue massage can reduce that tension, inducing a feeling of relaxation and relieving feelings of anxiety and worry.

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