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If You Are Suffering From Nerve Root Pain There Are Steps You Can Take To Control Symptoms

What is nerve root pain?


Nerve root pain can be quite excruciating. This pain originates from a nerve located in the spine that is often accompanied by numbness and weakness. The arms and legs are commonly affected by nerve root pain. However, it is something that can be treated.

Types of nerve root pain

One of the most common types of nerve root pain is called sciatica. This condition is associated with lumbar pain. Sciatica is usually extremely painful and is caused by a slipped disc (also known as a disc prolapse). A disc prolapse occurs when the jelly cushion of the spine leaks out and allows the spine to press on the nerves which causes a significant amount of pain. There can be other factors for sciatica, but it is generally due to the condition of the disc in the back. Another type of nerve pain is called Brachial Neuralgia. Brachial Neuralgia is characterized by a shooting pain that goes down the arm and sometimes into a fingertip.

Is it nerve root pain?

Nerve pain and back pain should not be confused. A good way to determine if it is nerve pain or a limb pain is that limb pain is quite a bit more severe than back pain. Sudden movements that are caused by sneezing, or even coughing, can cause severe pain period is uncommon in the elderly. Sciatica most commonly occurs during middle age and may or may not return. Medication can be prescribed along with physical therapy which can alleviate the pain. Although some patients may find relief after several months of treatment, there may be minimal symptoms that re-occur.

Treatment options:

Severe pain can be treated by a specialist and physiotherapy is highly recommended. If you are looking for a physiotherapy clinic in North York that offers wide array of services, you may visit or contact Oriole Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre. Among our available services are spine decompression, physiotherapy, acupuncture, and massage. We have skilled staff who have vast experience dealing with nerve pain and its symptoms. The treatments available can significantly reduce pain associated with nerve conditions and will help expedite the healing process. Contact us today!