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Compression Stockings for Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are common leg problems. These are uncomfortable veins that have become twisted and enlarged, which may cause painful and swollen legs. Varicose veins can block the blood flow in the leg muscles.

Compression stockings relieve pain from varicose veins and slow down its progress. This lessens the venous pressure and promotes blood circulation. Compression stockings can ease the workload of the circulatory system and support natural relaxation and muscle contraction.

Different Stockings

You need to look for the right compression stocking to fit your needs to ensure maximum benefit. Stockings have various compression levels with different lengths. These usually last for four months before losing its initial strength.

For those with mild varicose veins, the regular support knee-high stockings may ease your pain considerably. These are also less pricey compared to the special compression stockings and are easily available at local department stores.

If you experience more serious symptoms, you may need special compression stockings with your doctor’s prescription. You need to be fitted with the right stocking at your clinic or medical supply store. Your legs, knees, calf, thigh will be measured to find the perfect size the fits you.

The Experience

Ideally, the stockings have to be worn in the morning after you take a shower. You get on with your day as per normal while wearing the stockings every day.

However, this shouldn’t be worn when sleeping unless advised by the doctor.
The compression stockings will take a few weeks of getting used to. It can be difficult to put on at first. With regular use, it will become easier. If the stockings fit you perfectly, then these can be comfortable to wear. Always talk to your doctor if you encounter problems with your compression stocking.

The stockings are also used to complement therapy and supplements that halt the progression of the varicose veins.