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Benefits of Massage Therapy for Kids with Autism

Autism is difficult to diagnose. The symptoms usually appear before the age of three and include insufficiency in cognition, social communication, and language. Because of the problems with autism, these children would require special care and attention to help them develop further. Parents need to cope with the needs of autistic kids.

There is already a variety of treatments used for children with autism. Therapists are already using massage therapy as a treatment for the kids. This is a treatment that parents can also look into.

Massage for Relaxation

Autistic children respond positively to massage treatment. It soothes and calms the kids. Massage allows parents to connect to their children at a deeper level through touch and attention.

The main benefit of massage for autistic kids is relaxation. This fights off anxiety and fatigue while improving sleep and energy levels of the children. Furthermore, massage also develops their thinking and creative abilities. After a good massage, autistic kids are more focused.

Although there is no cure yet for autism, massage serves as a complementary treatment to Western medicine. It does not lead to any side effects. Rather, it is a holistic approach to autism.

Research-based Treatment

Massage treatment is also effective in lessening the severity of autism after a few months of diagnosis.

Massage treatments would include smooth strokes and moderate pressure. The massaging motions should be concentrated on the arms, hands, neck, legs, feet, and torso. The massage sessions would last for 15 minutes and twice or thrice a week.

Studies show that massage therapy can reduce anxiety while increasing the attention span of these children. Regular physical contact also reduces the autistic behaviors such as aversion and inattentiveness.

Some parents who used massage therapy have seen the change that it brings to their kids. Through the soothing touch massage provides autistic kids become more alert and active.