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Prevent back and neck pain: what you need to know before buying a mattress

Your mattress is important. It is where you spend six to eight hours lying each night! There are several tips and guidelines that will help you select a good mattress that will give your back the best support possible. For a mattress to be effective in relieving back pain it must support the heaviest parts of your body, that is, where your natural curves are located. These areas are your head, shoulders and hips. Most importantly, you also need a good pillow that supports your head. Talk with your chiropractor about spinal decompression.

Another tip is to place a good mattress on a good foundation. For a mattress to be effective it should be placed on a matching foundation or box spring. In addition, because most of us move around more than 40 times a night, a queen or king size mattress is needed because it will ensure that you have enough space. Keep in mind; there are a variety of mattresses to choose from such as foam, water, air and spring. Of course, these options all work well for back pain but you won’t know which option will be most effective for you until you lie down and try it out.

When to know you need a new mattress


Keep in mind there are several ways you can tell if you need a new mattress such as if it is older than seven years or if you need more support or if you are waking up with more aches and pains than usual. In addition, as we grow older, we often need more support for our backs. In order to enjoy maximum comfort and less pain, it is important to have a mattress that has a level of firmness that meets your sleeping position. For example, back sleepers often need medium to firm firmness. Spinal decompression may reduce your back and neck pain.

What kind of sleeper are you!


However, side sleepers usually need medium to soft firmness. This is because pressure from the body often focuses on the hips and shoulders. Stomach sleepers often prefer medium firmness. If a stomach sleeper has a mattress that is too firm, they will feel pressure on their knees and front of hips. If a stomach sleeper sleeps on a too soft mattress, they may sink too far into the mattress and have problems with their head or breathing.

What about air beds?


Air beds are known to be effective in preventing and lessening pain, particularly back pain. Memory foam is also effective in preventing or lessening pain. Memory beds also conform to a person’s body; however, some people don’t like how memory foam beds hold in body heat. Latex mattresses are also effective when it comes to reducing and preventing pain and latex conforms well to the body. Water beds are conforming; however, some think that there is not enough support with a waterbed. Many choose innerspring mattresses because they provide comfort, support and pain relief; however, they can sag.

To conclude, everyone needs a supportive and comfortable mattress. Besides giving you a good night’s sleep, a good mattress might also lessen stress and keep you from tossing and turning. For more information about mattresses, call Oriole Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre and talk to us.