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Assistive Device Program in Ontario What You Need to Know

Looking for new and reliable equipment to help with assisted living? Whether you are a caregiver looking for equipment for the people you watch over or an individual looking for devices for themselves, Ontario assistive devices program or other wise known as ADP is the one stop shop for you. See why customers rave about these products.

What is it?

ADP is an organization that provides important customer care and funding to those living in Ontario relying on assisted living and simply can’t afford it. Why should they have to suffer. They can get you on your feet faster than ever. ADP offers a wide range of assisted devices depending on the specific needs of the consumer. Devices given out are made to help those physically disabled become for independent and capable of doing active things by themselves.

Type of Equipment

There are endless possibilities of equipment funded by this organization. They are as follows: Wheelchairs, mobile devices, seating platforms, monitors, portable oxygen devices, insulin devices, liquid systems and test strips for medical disabilities. Grants are often provided on a need to need basis. They have just about everything for every kind of disability. Getting around has never been so easy.

Am I eligible?

It is rather a simple process. Those who are eligible are citizens living in Ontario with a valid health card given to the recipient by the government. You also are required to have had the physical disability for at least six months. There is no cheating the system on this one. Equipment needs to be operated for everyday use and not just special cases such as just sports, work, or school life. In other words that temporary soccer injury is not going to cut it. ADP will not provide funding to those that are under workplace safety or part of the insurance board. Essentially you will only get the funding if you need equipment to operate everyday life.

How do I obtain funding and equipment through ADP

Most of the access comes from a recommendation by a medical specialist or a general doctor who provides the diagnosis. So a higher up will authorize the information and which specific will need to be fulfilled. Then the proper aid device is sent through a vendor to the client. In smaller items such as hearing aids, the vendor may also be the supplier depending on the circumstances.

Is it authorized?

If a qualified medical professional signals the okay then it should work. If it is not an official member of the medical field it could not go through. Check with your doctors office for credibility. Most common authorizers come from hospitals, private care facilities, or home care operators.

How does funding work

Typically, the ADP Ontario assistive devices program will pay 75 cents per dollar of the cost of the equipment (which is essentially 3/4 of the price). Smaller items such as hearing aids will have a specific amount which will have to be contacted. Oxygen related items covered under the home oxygen program are completely covered and don’t require you to pay anything if you are 65 percent and older living on social security. If you are below 64 then you are paying the 1/4 price. It is often seen that the client pays a share of the cost and then bills ADP the rest to be financed.